Minimize the Consequences of Impaired Driving

Retain a DUI attorney in Flagstaff, AZ after your arrest

Arizona has a zero-tolerance approach to drunk driving. In fact, Flagstaff, AZ was recently ranked among the top three cities in the U.S. for the most DUI arrests per capita. If you've been arrested for driving under the influence, contact the DUI attorney at Sheffield Law, PLLC as soon as you can.

Your license could be suspended the moment you're arrested. We can petition to restore your driving privileges, as well as set aside your conviction.

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Don't risk a conviction by representing yourself

Arizona has some of the harshest DUI penalties in the nation. Depending on your charges, the judge could order you to...

Pay thousands of dollars in fines
Spend days, weeks or months behind bars
Install an ignition interlock device in your car

Sheffield Law can help you fight these charges. When your freedom and finances are on the line, you can count on our local DUI law firm to stand up for you.

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